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Why Become A Tax Filer?

Are you still wondering why you should get your NTN and become a tax filer ? How can tax filing registration help you? How to do online income tax filing verification? Don’t worry; we have all the answers! Here’s why you should:


Get maximum tax savings like claiming tax credits for investments and adjustment of taxes paid on utilities, vehicle, property transactions, and cash withdrawals etc.

Lower the Rate of Withholding Taxes

Non-Filers are subject to higher rate of taxes on various transactions e.g. withholding tax is applicable on cash withdrawals and banking transfers exceeding Rs. 50,000.


Be a responsible citizen and avoid penalties and / or prosecutions from the FBR for not filing return.


Many government-related organizations and banks now check your FBR tax filer status before acceding to your requests, like registration of company, purchase of property and loan processing etc.

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Ideal for tax filing by individuals earning income from following sources

The amount of tax you pay will differ according to your source of income. Taxes are charged on salaries, property, dividends, capital gains and profits on deposits. Click on any of the below images to learn more.

  • Salary


  • Property


  • Dividend


  • Capital Gain

    Capital Gain

  • Profit on Deposits

    Profit on Deposits

A Complete Walk Through To Befiler

Filing your taxes can get complicated but at Befiler we’ve simplified the process. In just a few easy steps you can safely and securely file your taxes with no trouble at all.

Customer Reviews

Simple Filing

I googled how to become a filer in Pakistan, and this website came up. It looked simple and I just went through the wizard-ish steps and made online payment using my card. Happy customer. Will file again next year IA through them.

A happy customer

Best Tax Consultant

Befiler has been the best Tax paying consultants for me, as I was much in need of filing my returns, their website enabled me to do so securely and surely without any hassles, and their service has been impeccable and highly recommended.

CEO Imarketeer

Why Use Befiler ?

We’ve streamlined the process of filing taxes in Pakistan. Instead of going through hours of paperwork and visiting multiple offices, you just need to fill out the forms on our website.


Easy Filing


Maximum Tax Savings


Complete and Accurate


Secure & Safe


Economic Analysis


All in One Place

Calculate Your Salary

Apart from compliance, signing up with our online tax return portal allows you to access
an easy to use tax return calculator that lays out all figures for you, in a
comprehensible manner. Our salary tax calculator is constantly updated with the latest
regulations and tax rates in Pakistan.







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Be an informed citizen and stay up-to-date with the latest tax laws and more related information through our blog.

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