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The initiative aims to simplify the tax filing process for individuals; especially salaried class, and to promote the culture of documentation in Pakistan. Befiler makes tax filing easy for the common man who have little or no financial knowledge, without having need to engage expensive tax consultants.




Akbar is the Founder & CEO of InvestoMate (Pvt.) Ltd and Director at Befiler (Pvt.) Ltd. He started his professional career with Deloitte Pakistan in 2001, and excelled with diversified experience in advisory, risk management and assurance services. He later joined IGI Financial Services in 2007 as Vice President and CFO. Before founding InvestoMate in 2014, he was GM Finance and a member of Executive Management at PIA Investments, overseeing strategic and financial affairs of Company's hospitality investments in USA and France, which were collectively valued at more than US$600 million. Akbar is a Fellow Chartered Accountant and holds a Master's degree in Economics from University of Karachi. He has also served as a member of ICAP's Financial Sector Committee in 2006-07.



Mudassir Ali is a Founding Partner at Arittek Solutions Pvt Limited, He assumes the roles Chief Executive Officer. With a diversified experience, he has worked with UNCHR, BWM, Daewoo Motors, and Spectrum Systems. Mudassir holds a MBA in Strategic Planning from the Charles Sturt University of Australia and a bachelor's degree in Business Administration from College Aman Malaysia, additionally he is CCNA certified and completed Java certification from Informatic Beacon House.



A software consultant by profession, having more than 15 years of experience mostly in the banking industry around the globe. He has been associated with TEMENOS for 10 years and has implemented more than 10 banks during his tenure. Apart of consultation he has been busy training banking professionals in various countries on TEMENOS Core Banking System. He is a Gold Certified TEMENOS Consultant.



Farrukh Rasheed is an Associated Chartered Accountant. Mr. Rasheed is a Director at Befiler (Pvt.) Ltd, and leads Taxation and Advisory Services. He is also the Founding Partner of RA Chartered Accountants (RA). Mr. Rasheed started his career with EY and went on to work there as an Assurance Manager principally specializing in the financial services sector. His professional experience spans multiple countries as he has worked extensively for EY office in Bahrain and managed a substantial portion of EY's client portfolio in Tajikistan. He was also involved in a multi-location assignments in Afghanistan.


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The easiest & quickest way to become a filer online. Register NTN, file income tax, check your FBR tax return. Filing taxes in Pakistan has never been easier before.

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