Online Tax Filing Culture in Pakistan : A Trend on the Rise

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Pakistan has shown a positive response to the online tax filing culture by readily adopting simplifying technology offered for individuals’ income tax return filing

Developed economies show a positive attitude towards accepting e-services to avail services like NTN registration, and to become a filer using online solutions. Unfortunately, the system available in Pakistan for the masses is complex,which causes individuals to reach out for professional help.

To cater to the situation, has created a smart online tax return portal that eases out the way to receive NTN registration and file tax returns. Tax filer requirements in Pakistan are not commonly understood, therefore, Befiler uses a user friendly, content rich approach to connect to its customers. This innovation in tax preparation is aimed at espousing national culture of online tax filing. Easy format of Yes and No questions and separate divisions to submit information make the tax preparation process easy, and doable for all.

Electronic tax filing culture helps the individuals to enter multiple sources of income, as required, and fill information accordingly in a step-wise manner. The format splits income and other financial heads required for wealth statement into sub-categories to improve the degree of transparency in declaring the detailed information of personal assets and possessions. Better accuracy minimizes the possibilities for future inquiries from FBR, as well as helps tax saving by identifying financial activities that lead to tax rebates.

Signing and submitting tax return through creates detailed online reports of all the earlier years as you continue to use year over year. You can login instantly from anywhere and retrieve the required statistics in minutes. No more wasting hours to dig inside the manuscripts and copies to find particular figures. 

To move ahead towards an emerging economy, it is necessary for individuals to understand and show positive intentions to the adoption of online tax filing culture. Befiler is drawing individuals closer to accept new technologies and advents by providing a tax preparation platform that is easy to work with. If you intent to engage in ways making e-filing efficient, stay connected to Youtube, Facebook, Linkedin, Pinterest, Twitter, and give a read to our blogs.

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