Information Needed to File an Income Tax Return

Posted on Posted on | 0 Comments | Akbar Tejani is an online web portal through which you can prepare and file your income tax return in a hassle-free manner. One of the biggest challenges it addresses is the compilation of documents and submission of information. Now you will no longer have to plan a day off from work to schedule meeting with the tax consultant, or make copies of the documents to be submitted.


From the comfort of your home, or even office, simply log on to and sign up for a free account. A great way to start is watching the tutorial video which walks you through the process. To prepare and submit tax return using you will be required to know the following:   


1.      Your annual income from salary, and annual tax deductions.


Pro Tip: You can calculate your annual tax on salary using Befiler’s tax calculator. Request a tax certificate from your Human Resource department for verification.


2.      Any or all, as applicable:


  • Rental income received from property
  • Profits received from banks, mutual funds, or other financial deposits 
  • Pension payment that may have been received during the tax year
  • Earnings / receipts from other sources such as agricultural income, bonus share, or remittance
  • Gift, or payments made to registered charities
  • Cost of purchase / value of sale in case of property transactions
  • Investment made in mutual funds, shares, or life insurance
  • Advanced tax paid on banking transactions, purchase of vehicles, utilities, etc.
  • Opening, and closing bank statement for current tax year
  • List of properties including property address, covered area, and cost of property
  • Assets acquired in Pakistan, as well as foreign assets
  • Details of liabilities including advance, loan, mortgage, and payable credits
  • Details of assets such as depository certificates, stock, insurance plans, and assets in other financial institutions such as gold in lockers, etc.
  • Personal expenses paid as rent, bills, medical expenses, traveling, educational expenses, taxes, functional / gathering expenses, and other household expenses


You are not required to submit, or upload any of the above mentioned documents. You will only be required to enter value/amount while answering the question in a YES or No format.


Should you require any additional information, simply write to us at and our customer care representative will call you to address your query.   


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