Befiler’s Role in Improving Tax Awareness and Education in Pakistan

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Tax awareness is becoming increasingly important as the government makes all the necessary adjustments to promote the culture of documentation. This will allow the transactions of properties, vehicles, loans etc., to be screened and monitored by the authorities, and bringing under the radar all the non-compliant individuals.

The central regulatory body along with the government of Pakistan is geared up to motivate the citizens to meet their national obligation to increase the tax to GDP ratio for a strong and prosperous economy. A number of laws have been introduced to facilitate the filers, and to encourage non-filers to change their status to filers. Amidst the coordinated efforts by these institutions, has taken it upon itself to provide tax awareness and tax education to anyone looking to become income tax filer in Pakistan.

Tax Awareness and Education

It is of prime importance that the individuals know their taxes well. A tax-complaint society is only possible when the individuals have access to tax related information and content. It allows them to make better financial decisions that facilitate tax rebates, be eligible for important processes such as student, or housing loans, and immigration.

Befiler Information Outlets is using an array of its social media accounts such as Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, and twitter to impart all the latest updates on tax laws. Anyone who is looking to learn more about NTN verification, or salary tax calculator can do so without any hassle using

Individuals who wish to speak to a tax consultant to get clarity on matters such as wealth reconciliation, applicable tax slabs, determination of tax period of newly purchased vehicles, or property, or discuss their special case tax treatment are assisted online via live chat, and email support.

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