Befiler – Your Smart Tax Assistant for Income Tax Return Filing

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Why Befiler is here to make life easy for you. It is an online tax portal to help you prepare and file your income tax return. Whether you are looking for NTN registration, or wish to check your NTN status, is your one stop solution. It also features a handy salary tax calculator on Homepage for you, so you can gear up for your tax return preparation.


Any individual who can use electronic devices like computers, cellphones, and/or tablets to access the portal can file their tax returns by signing up on Befiler. Using the official website address will lead you directly to BeFiler portal where you can easily access all features of Befiler.


Free Sign Up


Befiler offers free sign up by filling in your basic information like CNIC Number, Full Name, Email, and Contact Number. If you are wondering it is that easy and free to create an account, the answer is, Yes it is.


Once you sign up and log in, you are required to answer questions in a yes and no format and enter relevant details to finish the process. Tutorial videos are available on Befiler Youtube Channel to guide you along the way.


NTN Registration and Tax Preparation


If you are filing your income tax return for the first time, and do not have an NTN, you can simply request for an NTN through our website. If you already have an NTN, you should start by checking the status of your NTN. You can proceed by entering your CNIC, and the verification code on the screen.

Saving on Taxes


Paying taxes is only half the process. Until you file your income tax return, you are still liable to penalties. By becoming a filer, you fulfill your national responsibility and become eligible for tax rebates. By claiming tax rebates you save on taxes.


Become a Befiler and Avoid Penalties


In order to encourage individuals to become filers the tax rates on banking transactions, buying and selling of properties and vehicles are kept lower than that for non-filers.

Befiler is the easiest and most accurate way to prepare your tax return. Become financially empowered by managing your tax returns yourself.

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